Polyester Mesh Fabric - Strong, Precise and Long Lasting

Various polyester mesh fabric used in screen printing

For screen printing
Have you ever experienced these problems?

  • Have you ever bought the fabric with improper mesh count?
  • Does the fabric you bought suit your printing machine?
  • Have your printing mesh deformed even ruined your pattern?
  • Will the fabric lose its initial property once highly stretched?
  • Dose your fabric corrode once contacts with chemical solvent?
  • Are you tired of cleaning inks that plug the printing screen?
  • Have you get angry at the short lifespan of your silk screen?

Then choose Eastar for solving all above problems

Eastar provides the best solution to screen printing

Eastar filter industry Co., Ltd. located in Anping, Hengshui, Hebei, China, is a professional manufacturer of quality polyester printing screens and stainless steel printing screens. 100% quality polyester material imparts high durability and wear resistance to Eastar polyester printing screens. In addition, it brings together several benefits including high tensile strength, low elongation, excellent chemical and corrosion resistance as well as high printing precision.

Upon requests, the fabric can be woven by monofilament threads or multi-filament threads. Meanwhile, it is also available in plain or twill weave patterns, different mesh count ranging from 15 mesh/inch to 420 mesh/inch to suit different printing applications, whether it be normal printing or fine printing, printing on flat or irregular substrates.

Polyester and stainless steel printing screen supplied by our company are high quality with high strength.
Polyester printing screen is used in ceramic printing, electronic printing, glass printing, textile printing and plastic printing.

What can Eastar polyester mesh fabric do for us?

As an economical alternative to traditional silk printing screen, Eastar polyester screens feature high dimensional accuracy, stability, high strength and durability, in addition, sufficient flexibility to cope with irregular surface of most substrates. Meanwhile, it functions well in various printing applications as shown below:

  • Ceramic printing - makes ceramic and tile eye-catching and manifests the owner's artistic taste.
  • Electronic printing - ideal for defined printing such as printing circuits, keypads, switches, dials and solar cells.
  • Glass printing - gracefully adapt to your glass printing tasks such as automotive glass, home appliance, construction glass and glass containers.
  • Textile printing - the commonest printing methods in areas garment printing, heavy fabric printing and high-textile printing.
  • Plastic printing - gives your plastic substrate some bright colors, unique patterns even some information to make them outstanding.

Four reasons to choose Eastar

A small icon of medal represents the high quality of our polyester filter belts.

Choosing 100% quality polyester as material, Eastar guarantees excellent performance of each products.

A small icon shows high variety of the filter belts supplied by our company

Providing the widest range of polyester fabric, Eastar is engaged in meeting every customer's need.

A small icon of clock represents the high working efficiency of our range of polyester filter belt.

With high durability and dimensional stability, each polyester product ensures high working efficiency.

A small icon represents excellent service of our company.

Eastar offers one-stop service for providing the greatest convenience to every customer.

Order process

Professional service team for answering your questions.


Give some advice according to your applications.


Come to an agreement and confirm the final design.


Manufacturing the products under strict quality management.


Pack the product seriously upon customers' request.


Ship the products according to even prior to agreed delivery time.

Hot Products

Polyester Printing Screen

High tensile polyester printing screen, made of monofilament or multifilament polyester strands, is ideal for garment printing, textile printing, etc.

Ceramic Printing Mesh

Ceramic printing mesh, made of polyester screen, is a perfect choice of ceramic decal printing and tile printing no matter how fine the pattern is.

Electronic Printing Mesh

Electronic printing mesh, with high dimensional precision, stability, is designed for printing circuits, keypads, membrane switches and dials.

Glass printing mesh

Glass printing screen is one of the best choice for automotive glass, construction glass, home appliance and hollow ware glass printing.


Here we offer a simple comparison of polyester, nylon and stainless steel mesh and the mesh parameters that should be taken into accounts.

A simple screen printing guidance using quality polyester mesh fabric is provided by Eastar, a professional manufacturer of screen printing mesh.


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