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Polyester Mesh - Solution to Ceramic And Tile Printing

For traditional screen printing mesh, ceramic is considered to be a stiff challenge. But our range of ceramic printing mesh is what you most wanted for giving your ceramic individual character by printing intense colors and ornate decor on it. Meanwhile, it allows numerous beautiful colors of all shades to be printed on the ceramic to make your ceramic in a world of its own.

Ceramic printing mesh, with high abrasion resistance and resolution is one type of polyester printing screens. It has been widely used to print ceramic decals and tiles as shown below:

A piece of yellow polyester screen printing mesh is stretched for easy mounting to a metallic frame
Ceramic printing mesh is easy to be mounted to a metallic frame.
  • Ceramic decal printing
    The decal here refers to a paper or ceramic substrate which is printed with your desired pattern that can be moved to the surface of your ceramic objects upon contact, usually with the help of heat or water. This is an indirect ceramic printing methods that intensively used ranging form decorative dishes, earthenware, fine porcelains tableware to bone porcelain ceramics.
  • Ceramic tile printing
    Our range of ceramic printing mesh can also be used for printing various types of patterns on wall bricks and floor tiles. Normally, the meshes in specifications from 8 mesh/cm to 40 mesh/cm are highly recommended.
A ceramic terrine with beautiful blue and golden decorative patterns that are printed by ceramic printing mesh
Decal printing - ceramic terrine
Ornate decor in various colors can be finely printed to the ceramic terrines for adding an artistic atmosphere to your home.
A white decorative dish with a pattern of peony that is indirect printed by our range of ceramic printing mesh.
Decal printing - decorative dishes
However fine the pattern is, ceramic printing mesh always provides the fantastic solution to the joy of individuality.
Blue patterns that reflects and influenced by Chinese, are printed to tea set including a pot and six cups.
Decal printing - tableware & tea set
Special patterns or Chinese characters, printed to tableware, tea set or other ceramic objects, is considered as a carrier of Chinese culture.
Various wall bricks that printed by ceramic printing mesh, give a stylish look to a kitchen.
Tile printing - wall & floor tiles
Ceramic printing mesh also functions well in areas tile printing to make every piece eye-catching and build a home in your style.

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