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Electronic Printing Mesh for Circuit, Dial and Switches

Polyester printing screen is not only advantageous in areas of ceramic printing, but also functions well in electronic industry, which requires the most demanding mesh compared with others applications. In our company, highly precise electronic printing mesh that meets the standardized production process is supplied. All of these mesh have defined printing parameters such as thread diameter, aperture and open area. Meanwhile, quality polyester material makes them a combination of high tensile strength, dimensional stability, long lifespan as well as excellent ink release.

Two rolls of quality electronic printing mesh in white and yellow
Electronic printing mesh exhibiting high strength and excellent ink release, is available in white, yellow and other colors upon request.
A green polyester electronic printing mesh for circuit printing
With defined printing parameters, our range of electronic printing mesh performs great in circuit printing.

Our range of electronic printing mesh has deserve applications as shown below:

Our range of electronic printing mesh allows for fine printing, especially circuit printing like PCB.

Circuit printing
Although so many competitive technologies of circuits printing in the market, screen printing is still recognized as the fastest and most economical methods, especially for PCB printing. The thinner mesh thread is, the finer the pattern will be printed. Normally, electronic printing mesh with mesh count larger than 230 mesh/inch is highly recommended for circuit printing.

The small but clear patterns are printed on the key of a white keyboard thanks to electronic printing mesh.

Keypad and switch printing
Our range of electronic printing mesh features precise color reproduction, high dimensional stability and excellent print-quality. It is generally used for printing of membrane switches, cell phones, remote control buttons, calculators and various electronic appliances. Most of all, the patterns printed by our mesh are clear and durable to withstand years of physical punishments.

A black dial of motorcycle with small but clear scales that are easy to read for drivers.

Dial printing
Patterns printed by electronic printing mesh is also generally seen on dials, which is a necessary for motorists and drivers to be constantly aware of their speed. Electronic printing mesh permits a precise dials that easy to catch drivers' eyes and convenient to read. In addition, the printed scales on dial will not fade and disappear regardless of years of outdoor exposure.

A solar cell for supplying energy to a small fan, is printed by quality electronic printing mesh.

Solar cell printing
Solar is widely welcomed by more people as a renewable energy, thus, a increasing number of solar cell is required. Our electronic printing mesh, made of quality polyester printing screen, is ideal for printing dye-sensitized and crystalline solar cells in various patterns.

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