Nylon Printing Screen

Nylon printing screen with excellent chemical and wear resistance features, is widely used in the industrial printing productions.

Stainless Steel Printing Screen

Our company supplies high tensile stainless steel printing screens with uniform apertures, high stability, high precision and low elongation.

Polyester Printing Screen

High tensile polyester printing screen, made of monofilament or multifilament polyester strands, is ideal for garment printing, textile printing, etc.

Ceramic Printing Mesh

Ceramic printing mesh, made of polyester screen, is a perfect choice of ceramic decal printing and tile printing no matter how fine the pattern is.

Electronic Printing Mesh

Electronic printing mesh, with high dimensional precision, stability, is designed for printing circuits, keypads, membrane switches and dials.

Glass printing mesh

Glass printing screen is one of the best choice for automotive glass, construction glass, home appliance and hollow ware glass printing.

Textile Printing Mesh

Quality textile printing mesh, one type of polyester screen, is generally used for garment printing, heavy fabric and high-end textile printing.

Plastic Printing Mesh

Plastic printing screen, also a polyester screen, is ideal for printing fine patterns on disc, container, credit card, label and sports equipment.

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