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Plastic Printing Mesh Makes Your Items More Attractive

Plastic, in diverse shapes, is generally seen in our daily life. To make them outstanding and noticed from the crowd, a wide range of plastic printing mesh is needed to print these plastic objects with bright colors or unique patterns. Similar to glass printing mesh, it is also made of high quality polyester screens and has various usages as shown below:

The manufacturing process of our range of polyester plastic printing mesh.
All plastic printing meshes are manufactured using advanced machines under strict quality management.
A white plastic printing mesh is tested prior to shipment.
Each plastic printing mesh is under strict quality testing before shipment to ensure they will satisfy our customers.
Various optical discs, placed on the table, are printed with different patterns by our range of plastic printing mesh.

Optical disc printing
Optical disc, also known as CD or DVD, is a widely-used storage medium. Thus, the demands for printing attractive surface to these discs are still present. Plastic printing mesh, as one of efficient methods, is a stable polyester printing screen with high stability and tensile strength. It offers various decorative pattern choices and outperforms similar products of our competitors as it also allows for excellent ink transparency and ink brilliance.

Three plastic cups are printed with similar patterns but in different colors.

Plastic container printing
Plastic containers is generally seen in our daily life. To make these containers outstanding, multi-colors, precious varnish and some words in striking fonts could be printed on their surface. Hence, a quality plastic printing mesh is needed. As a professional manufacturer of printing screen, our company provides wide ranges of plastic printing mesh in different mesh count, thread diameter and other specifications tailored to your different requirements.

Plastic printing mesh can also be used to print credit cards in diverse colors and patterns.

Credit card printing
Credit cards, as payment cards, are always the status symbols of card holders, especially those which are finely printed. Our range of plastic printing mesh is designed to protect and connect the card elements into a pleasing whole, including the card holder's name, card number and other security features.

Plastic label, printed by plastic printing mesh, gives an outstanding appearance to the products you sell.

Label printing
Labels are generally printed with informative, alluring or advertising patterns to make them eye-catching. Plastic printing mesh, supplied by our company, helps to achieve high dense brilliant colors, unique designs, most of all, high production speed. Any specification is available based upon your needs.

Two bicycle safety helmets are printed in yellow and blue

Sports equipment printing
Sports, the best way to stimulate your body, becomes more popular and various sports equipment is welcomed and bought increasingly at the same time. Most people prefer their sport things to be printed with special patterns, whether it be multi-color pattern, metallic pattern or a pearl one. And our plastic printing mesh permits effective direct & indirect printing methods for catering different customers' needs.

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