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Stainless Steel Screen for Glass and Ceramic Printing

Stainless steel printing screen refers to a mesh woven from stainless steel threads with high tensile strength and yield stress properties. Our range of stainless steel printing screen featuring uniform opening, excellent firmness and evenly tensioned weaves, guarantees precise printing performance. Thereby, it is incredibly well suited for glass printing, ceramic printing and other printing areas requiring high position accuracy. In contrast, polyester printing screen is more preferable to sign printing and garment printing.

Three rolls of stainless steel printing screens are placed on the flat wood board.
Stainless steel printing screen with a shiny surface and uniform opening, is in coils for easy handling and transportation.


  • High tension - Carefully selected stainless alloy material ensures high tensile strength which makes this screen virtually free of shrinkage, stretching and sagging.
  • High stability - With high dimensional stability, our stainless steel printing screen retains its rectangular form without any parallelogram displacement even being fixed at an angle to the stencil frame. Meanwhile, dinky elongation of this screen will occur at high tension.
  • High precision - Uniform wire diameters and accurate aperture width allows for highly accurate registration as well as precise ink deposition control.
  • Corrosion resistant - It will not absorb any moisture so that it displays better corrosion resistance than polyester printing screen.
  • Chemical resistant - Quality stainless steel material itself makes it possible to resistant against acid, alkali and other chemical solvents.
  • Non-electrostatic - Never emitting an electrostatic charge to ensure the safety of screen printing.
  • Heat resistant - Stainless steel printing mesh is unaffected by high temperature up to 600°C (1112°F). Thus, heat-melting ink can be applied for screen printing.
  • High printing speed - Our range of stainless steel printing screen permits low off-contact printing at a higher printing speed.
  • Long service life - High durability structure makes the mesh last longer than polyester printing screens.

Our range of stainless steel printing screen has diverse applications as shown below:

  • Electronic plate making.
  • Glass and ceramic printing.
  • Keypads printing.
  • Filtration belt.
  • Airspace industry.
  • Oil and chemistry field.
  • Food and medicine industries.
  • Electrical components printing.
  • Solar battery.
Three glass cups are printed with golden patterns by our range of stainless steel printing mesh.
Stainless steel printing mesh is advantageous for printing stylish patterns to glass cups and providing an artistic air.
A set of ceramic products including a plate, a pot and two cups is printed with fine artistic patterns using our range of stainless steel printing mesh.
Our range of stainless steel printing mesh allows for fine printing on ceramic products to decorate your home.


A piece of typical stainless steel printing screen.
Typical mesh
  • Consistent thickness and evenly tensioned weaves.
  • Ideal for fine pattern printing such as high-end applications requiring high position accuracy.
A piece of super fine stainless steel printing screen made of super fine wires.
Super fine mesh
  • Smaller wire diameter yet bigger aperture.
  • Perfect for finer pattern printing especially those with complicated edge definitions.
A piece of calendered stainless steel printing screen with a flatter surface.
Calendered mesh
  • Flatten high points for flatter surface and thinner mesh without affecting mesh opening.
  • Perfect for touch panel applications.


  • Material: AISI304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.
  • Weave: plain weave. Twill weave type is also available upon request.
  • Mesh width: 40" or 48", other widths are also available upon request.
  • Mesh length: 30 m per roll. Custom length is also welcomed.
  • Package: packing in roll with paper and plastic film.


Specifications of stainless steel printing screen
Code Mesh count
Wire diameter
Open area ratio
Calendered thickness
Theoretical ink
SSPS-1 200 50 37.0 77 98-103 As order 42.0
SSPS-2 230 35 46.7 75 72-76 50-57 37.0
SSPS-3 250 40 36.8 62 82-86 50-80 34.0
SSPS-4 250 30 49.7 72 64-68 40-58 30.0
SSPS-5 250 35 43.0 67 76-78 57-70 32.0
SSPS-6 270 35 39.4 59 76-80 58-70 30.0
SSPS-7 300 30 41.7 55 66-88 40-59 28.0
SSPS-8 325 30 38.0 48 66-68 45-60 24.0
SSPS-9 325 28 41.2 50 63-64 40-56 26.4
SSPS-10 325 23 49.8 55 49-53 37-41 25.4
SSPS-11 350 25 43.0 48 50-54 41-50 18.7
SSPS-12 400 23 40.7 41 50-54 35-49 19.0
SSPS-13 400 18 51.3 46 36-40 28-30 20.0
SSPS-14 500 18 41.7 33 36-40 23-29 15.3

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