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Polyester Screen Meets Your Most Glass Printing Needs

Glass printing mesh, made of quality polyester printing screen, is designed for glass printing thanks to their excellent reproducibility, high quality along with economic advantages. Various meshes in different mesh counts, thread diameters and apertures can be tailored to your needs, even the most demands of your customers.

Three rolls of polyester glass printing mesh in yellow and white.
Each glass printing mesh is gone through strict testing to guarantee high quality.
A piece of white glass printing mesh is mounted to metallic frame before printing.
Glass printing mesh is convenient to be mounted to the metallic frame.

Here we mainly recommend four styles of glass printing mesh according to their main usage as shown below:

A silver car model shows all its automotive glass that allows for glass printing.

Automotive glass printing
Our range of glass printing mesh gracefully and beautifully adapts to your most automotive glass printing tasks, including the former block, side window, backstop glass, skylight glass, heating conductors, edge masking and antenna, etc.

A microwave oven with a red glass door that is printed with beautiful flower by our range of glass printing mesh

Home appliance glass printing
Glass printing mesh is also advantages when applied to various household appliances such as microwaves oven doors, furnace surface, ceramic heating plates, stovetops. Most of all, it allows for beautiful appearance and ensures high durability of printed glass.

Building glass facades is printed with small white heart-shaped patterns thanks to glass printing mesh.

Construction glass printing
Glass printing mesh is generally used to print most types of architecture glass, no matter how small or large it is, range from alarm bell glass, glass door, sun screen to large building glass. Meanwhile, thick ink deposits are allowed for keeping privacy.

Three measuring glass are printed with scale inks.

Hollow ware glass
Labels, scales, decorative patterns and brand names can be easily printed to hollow ware glass objects such as perfumes, cosmetics, drink bottles and wide range of pharmacy glass appliances. In addition, high quality of our mesh permits high print runs and printed inks can last for years regardless of abuse.

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